Philakorea 2014 – Final Day & Palmares

The final day was thankfully short, finishing at 3pm. In the blink of an eye we had our posters packed, Gems of Philately picked up, and were out of the door back to the hotel. Giving us ample time to rest before the main event: The Palmares Dinner. Every International Exhibition hosts a Palmares dinner […]

Philakorea 2014 – Day 5

The quietest day of the show so far. The highlight being yet more gifts from the Philakorea staff including the best gift I have ever received at a stamp exhibition. It wasn’t the tooth brush and tooth paste. Nor the Guide to Seoul. Not the thermos cup. Not even the 1980s-style calculator. It was the […]

Philakorea 2014 – Day 4

Today was the day that the awards for all the exhibits (except the Championship class) were revealed. There weren’t too many surprises. As always, there were collectors who were disappointed and those that were delighted. David was disappointed to see that the “Postal History of Belgium’s First Stamps the “Epaulettes” 1849-1851″ belonging to Mr. Huys-Berlingin […]

Philakorea 2014 – Day 3

Saturday was similar to the day before but with a much greater number of visitors from the general public and no deafening music! So I was pinned behind the stand in case that all important customer came by. However the day was mostly spent trying to explain that we (“David Feldman Switzerland” as the sign […]

Philakorea 2014 – Day 2

Not as busy as the first, Friday allowed myself and David to view the exhibitions we had wanted to see. There were no fewer than four excellent collections of Switzerland for us to study. Three of which were collections of Cantonals competing head-to-head in the 8-frame Traditional class. Many items were familiar to David from […]

Philakorea 2014 – Day 1

After an 18 hour journey from Geneva, it was a relief to get through Immigration and Customs to find the Philakorea information stand at Seoul Incheon airport. Their bright orange uniforms brightening up an otherwise miserable looking evening outside. With their much-appreciated help I was escorted to the official show hotel which they had arranged […]