New Great Philatelic Collections : FINLAND

Finland collection of stamps - Book - Great philatelic Collections

We are proud to introduce our new volume of Great Philatelic Collections dedicated to a stamp collection of Finland: FINLAND: The Classic Stamps 1856-1875, formed by Erkki Toivakka This series of books, along with the David Feldman’s Museum of Philately, is intended to preserve “the best of the best” of today’s collections for prosperity, as […]

New Great Philatelic Collections book: The KANAI Collection

We are honoured to present our latest Great Philatelic Collections book dedicated to the Classic Japan Collection of Hiroyuki Kanai. This book as well as the Tribute to Mr. Kanai have been presented by both the President of the Royal Philatelic Society and the Monaco Club at the prestigious Monaco exhibition cocktail evening on December 6th.