Coming Up: Handwritten Letter From Gandhi

1942 Complete handwritten letter from Gandhi to Sir Francis Wylie, with printed header of Sevagram (the place of Mohandas Gandhi’s ashram), with poignant end note about the war (“if anywhere at this time life could be called pleasant”) and signed “M K Gandhi” at the end. Also including a letter from Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, a […]

New Auction World Record for a Stamp of India

On May 19th, 2011 David Feldman sold a 1948 10 Rupee Mahatma Gandhi stamp of India for a World Record price of EUR 144,000 (US$ 205,000); this is the highest price ever paid for a single Indian stamp (smashing the previous 2010 record set by the 4 Annas “Inverted Head” error). Additionally it is also […]