Philately- Shanghai Book

The Shanghai Local Post was established on July 13, 1863 and issued the earliest use of Large Dragon stamps in Shanghai of China on August 2, 1865. The essay designs, trial proofs, issue stamps, variety stamps, and the postal history items of the earliest and latest usage are all shown in the books for each of the issues of Shanghai Large Dragons, Small Dragons, Double Dragons and Municipality stamps, and includes the unique cover franking Shanghai large dragon stamp. The combination postal covers of Shanghai Local Post and Imperial Post of the Qing Dynasty and Foreign Posts are undeniable the precious and unique items displayed in 805 exhibit pages of the books.

The 4 volume set of books Shanghai Local Post- Stamp Issues and Postal History are written in bilingual Chinese and English by Fortune Wang of Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
The complete set features 980 pages of superb colour images and comes with an outer box for a combined weight of 4.8 kgs.

250 EUR (incl. shipping)

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