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Item #156144 - Montserrat

Award Winning Postal History Collection of Montserrat

This collection follows the development of the Montserrat mail starting as early as 1769, showing the first postal markings in 1790, and then the rather unusual history of the Post Office within the complex structure of the “Presidency” of Montserrat and the entire Caribbean Leeward Islands Colony comprising Montserrat, Antigua, St. Kitts-Nevis, Dominica, and the British Virgin Islands. The Islands of Montserrat is small enough in the philatelic sense that the exhibit covers the development of the postal history from the Forerunner Period in the 1760’s to the end of the World War II period in 1945-6, almost 200 years. Postal History in the formal philatelic sense usually means the study of rates, routes, and markings of an area or country. Montserrat is of such a size that the term Postal History is used as well to encompass the philatelic history of the Post Office itself which covers a broader scope than just the rates, routes and markings. Thus, the study of when various stamps issues as well as postal stationary were introduced and the political factors that influenced these issues are also discussed here as part of the island’s Postal History. Montserrat Ship, Packet and other Mail Rates are shown starting from very early inception.

The collection is organised as follows:

- Forerunners: Pre-Montserrat Postal Markings (1769-1790)

- Period 1: Montserrat Post Office 1790-1903
Straight Line Handstamps (1790-1802)
Horseshoe Handstamps (1804-1809)
No Handstamps (1810-1836)
Circular Datestamps (1836-1873)
First Stamp Issues (1858-1889)
Leeward Islands Period (1890-1903)

- Period 2: Reissue of Montserrat Postage 1903-1946
Small Circular Datestamps (1903-1912)
Large Circular Datestamps (1909-1933)
Plymouth Datestamps (1930-1946)
Early Air Mail Period (1930-1936)
George VI & World War II (1938-1946)
World War II & Censorship (1939-1945)

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