Lot 10076
Netherlands » Netherlands Colonies » Curacao » Incoming Mail
Prix réalisé
3’400 USD
1’200 – 2’400 USD
Date de vente
Wed 13 Oct 2021 at 15:00 (Europe/Zurich)

German States – North German Confederation. 1868 (Jan 13). Envelope from Hamburg to Curacao with Prussia 10sgr in combination with NDP 1/4gr and two 2gr all tied by blue Hamburg double circle ds, paying the 12 1/4gr single rate, carried to London with « 1/2 » accountancy marking and « 12 1/2 / CENTS » hs (not recorded by Van de Linden or Tabeart), then from Southampton on board RMSPC « Atrato » to St. Thomas and thence by non-contract ship to Curaçao with red arrival ds on front; 1/4gr with small corner crease mentioned for accuracy, otherwise in exceptional condition in particular the Prussia 10sgr which is only rarely found in this perfect condition; a very early usage of the first NDP issue on the 13th day of sale and certainly one of the finest of the few known covers to Curaçao; cert. Flemming (2004).

Note: No contract line called at Curaçao until the extension of the French line « L » in October 1869.

Référence catalogue: Michel 1b, 5 + Prussia 20