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Wed 13 Oct 2021 at 15:00 (Europe/Zurich)

Greece. 1858 (Nov 22). Cover to New York, sent unpaid and most likely carried from Piraeus to Syros to be transferred to Lloyd steamer proceeding to Trieste with « 7 » Sgr hs before entering the GAPU area with red crayon « 48/25 » denoting 15 Nkr for Lloyd carriage and 25c for international service to the USA, then on to Aachen with « AACHEN / Cts » double circle ds (unrecorded in VdL without numeral), ms « 17 » for 12c rate from Greece and 5c American internal rate, carried over Ostende to Southampton and placed aboard Havre Line « Fulton » with New York arrival and « 42 » cents postage due hs; vertical fold reinforced inside; one of very few Greece pre-philatelic transatlantic mail covers (nothing similar in the Richard Winter collection), and probably a unique usage of the Aachen Exchange P.O. datestamp from Greece.