Stamp of India » 1854 Lithographs Spence 4, 5, 7, 50d: 2a square design, 2a octagonal design, 4a and head only se-tenant in black on white parchment pape
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India » 1854 Lithographs
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1890 (Dec) die proof taken from the copper plate during Tapling’s visit to India, before the plate was defaced: 2a square design (Spence 4), 2a octagonal design (Spence 5), 4a Head die III with surround of wavy lines and rosettes (Spence 7) and head only (Spence 50d) se-tenant in black on white parchment paper, light vertical fold, very fine and very rare, an exhibition showpiece of the 1854 essays and reprints and a spectacular frontispiece for any India collection, ex Spence.

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