Lot 10178
Egypt » Italian Post Offices » Mixed Frankings
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1’200 – 1’500 EUR
Date de vente
Mon 14 Jun 2021 at 14:00 (Europe/Zurich)

1872 (2.3) Small neat registered envelope with attractive Farmacia imprint from Cairo via Alexandria to Pesaro, Italy, franked with Egypt 3rd Issue 1pi. (2) and 1863- 85 Italy 40 c. (2), Egyptian stamps were cancelled “V.R. POSTE EGIZIANE CAIRO 2 / MAR / 72” c.d.s., Italian stamps were cancelled “234” in dots, rare “ALESSANDRIA D’EGITTO POSTE ITALE. 3 / MAR / 72 CONSEGNE” key hole type c.d.s and framed “RACOMMANDATO” alongside, arrival marks and several transit marks on reverse, reduced at right, a fine and very scarce registered usage

Expertise: Signed ED (Emilio Diena), AD (Alberto Diena), cert. Vachat (2009)