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Thu 1 Dec 2016 at 11:00 (Europe/Zurich)
1840-1901, Mostly used collection in 4 albums, incl. 42 penny blacks up to pl.10, range of 200+ imperf. penny reds with some better cancels (London numbers in MCs, blue MC cert. Knopke), 500+ perf. penny red stars many of which are plated and include some scarcer plates, 1858-79 duplicated plate collection (filling 1 album) to 225, 1840 2d blues (22 plus a block of four with a couple of creases), 1841 2d blues incl. strips, pair with inv. wmk, perf. 2d blues incl. pl.9 partial plate reconstruction, 1870 1/2d incl. pl.9, and finally an album with comprehensive surface printed with duplication, with better incl. 1867-80 2s brown, 1867-83 10s (both wmks) and wmk anchor £1, six attractive 1883-84 10s, 1883-84 Green & Lilacs incl. two 9d, etc., mostly very fine, full of nice cancellations and generally fine condition