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British Occupation of Italian Colonies
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1944-47 Group of four commercial British Occupation covers from Somalia/Eritrea incl. 1944 envelope sent registered from Chisimaio to Dar-es-Salaam with two E.A.G. 5d tied by Italian cds, 1946 envelope sent registered from Mogadishu to Dar-es-Salaam with 2d and two 9d tied by cds, 1945 censored envelope sent reg’d airmail from Mogadishu to Mombassa with E.A.F. 1s vert. strip & pair and 5d tied by Italian reg’d cds, and envelope sent reg’d air mail from Asmara to Dar-es-Salaam via Khartoum with M.E.F. 1d, 2d (2), 2 1/2d & 1s, fine and scarce group of commercial covers.