Lot 50239
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12’000 – 16’000 GBP
Date de vente
Fri 30 Jun 2017 at 12:00 (Europe/Zurich)
1937-42 Collection housed in eight albums with over 450 covers and cards and a quantity on pieces and stamps including Chauk type D5 on 1938 cover; Eime type UP4 used as an arrival ds on 1937 cover from Moulmeingyun; Ela type D4 on 1941 registered cover to Penwegon; Harmingyi type M1 on cover to Canada; Henzaday/Due type UP6 on 1939 cover to Kyonpyaw, type UP8 on 1938 cover from India; Katchaung type D1 on 1941 cover to India; Kyaukse type UP3 on 1940 postcard from India; Kyukok type KD2 on 1941 Censored cover to Hong Kong; Kyaiklat type D14, examples on two 1938 envelopes; Kyaikpi type UPS on 1938 cover tram India; Kyaukrne type R3 on 1939 registered cover to Ireland; Mandalay type UP17 on 1940 cover from India, octagonal type UP8 on two 1938 covers; Mandalay Railway Station type KD4 on 1939 registered envelope to Ireland; Mandalay-Shanzu type D3 on 1939 registered envelope to Ireland; Maymo-Alexandra Barracks type UP5 on 1941 censored (over to India; Moulmein type R20 on AR form; Myanaung type UP4 on 1941 cover from India; Myotha type D4 on 1938 cover to India; Nattalin type DY3 on 1942 letter from Rangoon; Nyaungoo type UP3 on 1940 cover from India; Pa-an type KD4 on 1940 cover to India; Prome type HS7 on 1937 cover to India, type UP9 on 1938 cover to India; Sagaing Hill type D2 on 1938 cover to Rangoon; Shwedaung type KD4 on 1937 cover to India; Sidoktya type D4 on 1939 cover registered to Ireland; Sinbyugyun type D7 on 1941 cover to India; Taikgyi type D6 on 1941 cover to India; Taze type D3 on 1940 Censored cover to the US; Toungoo type UP6 on 1941 cover from India; Toungoo Bazar type UP2 on 1941 cover from India; Yenangyaung type UP2 on 1937 cover to Rangoon; Yitkangyi type KD1 on 1939 cover to India; Yandoon type D8 on 1939 cover from Rangoon, Ye type D3 on 1938 cover registered to India, etc., most of the items mentioned are the only recorded covers, many other earliest or latest recorded dates, mixed condition as would be expected but many fine. A marvellous collection