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1858-1938, Collection housed in fifty-three albums with almost 4,700 covers and cards and a quantity on pieces and loose, the first ten volumes (720 covers and cards) are devoted to Rangoon and includes D28 on 1888 1/2a stationery envelope to Rangoon, D48 on 1888 1/2a stationery envelope to Prussia, HS1a on 1918 envelope to Pegu, KD90 1907 envelope to Germany franked Edward 1/2a, 2a, R11 , R16A and R17A on 1884 envelope registered to Surrey, DY3 on 1907 1/2a stationery card to Rangoon, DY35 on 1909 1/2a stationery envelope to Rangoon, DY55 on 1928 cover to Rangoon, UP36 on 1892 stampless letter to India, UP48 on 1910 1/4a stationery card to Rangoon, I8 on 1924 local letter, thereafter arranged alphabetically and including Akyab Bazar D4 on two 1925 covers (one registered) to India; Alon D1 on 1887 1/2a stationery envelope from Calcutta, D3 on 1911 cover to Rangoon; Amhurst KD4 on 1895 2a stationery cover to England; Apbyauk D2 on 1908 1/2a stationery cover to Rangoon; Athegyi UP2 on 1910 cover to Rangoon; Bassein I32 on 1913; registered envelope to India, R36 on 1933 registered envelope to India, UP4 on 1914 cover to Rangoon, UP5 on 1931 cover to India, DP1 on 1908 cover from India; Bogale K2 on 1898 cover to Rangoon; Chaukwa D3 on 1922 cover to India; Chaunzon D3 on 1911 registered cover to India; UP3 on 1915 cover to India; Dabein UP2 on 1921 cover from Rangoon, UP6 on 1929 cover from India; Dedaye R4 on 1907 envelope registered to Rangoon, UP5 on 1926 cover to India, UP2 and UP6 on 1937 cover; Deiku R2 on 1910 registered cover to India; Eime D2 and K1 on 1907 cover to India, UP3 on 1924 cover to Moulmeingyun, UP5 on 1930 cover to India; Ela KD2 on 1930 1a stationery envelope to India; Gyobingauk D1 on 1900 1/2a stationery envelope to Prorne, R5 on 1905 envelope registered to India, PP3 on 1937 cover; Gyogon K1 on 1889 cover to India; Henzada R20 on 1930 1/2a postal stationery card to Dabein; Henzada DY2 on 1908 1 1/4a stationery card from Magwe; Henzada R.M.S. D2 on 1a stationery cover to India; Hlaingbon D2 on 1930 1a stationery envelope to India; Hlegu D2 on 1895 1/2a stationery envelope to India; Hmawbi UP4 on 1927 cover to India; Hmawza D1 on 1910 envelope to Paungde; Htonbo D2 on 1926 cover from Paduang, D3 on 1935 cover to Hmwabi; Insein UP4 on 1922 cover to India; Kamawet D1 on 1927 cover to Rangoon; Kanbalu KD2 on 1924 1/4a stationery card to Mandalay; Kanbe UP3 on 1932 cover; Kangyidaung R8 on 1922 cover to India, DY2 on 1923 cover from Rangoon; Kanyutkwin D6 on 1946 cover to Thanatpin , DY2 on 1936 cover from Rangoon, DY3 on 1940 cover from India; Kawa UP4 on 1937 cover from India; Kawkareik D4 on 1927 cover to Rangoon; Kayan UPS on 1937 cover from Ceylon; Kyaukpyu UP3 on 1922 cover to Rangoon, UP4 on 1926 cover to India; Kyauktaga KD3 on 1919 cover to India; Kyauktan UP6 on 1947 cover; Kyauggon KD2 on 1916 cover to India; Kyawzan R2 on 1905 cover to Rangoon, UPS on 1929 cover to Rangoon; Kyondo D4 on 1936 cover registered from India; Kyonmangne UP3 on 1931 cover from India, D2 on 1936 cover to India; Kyonpyaw D13 on 1928 cover registered to India; Kyonpyaw R5 on 1929 cover; Kywebwe D2 on 1925 1/2a stationery card, UP3 on 1936 cover; Kyaikto R5 on 1907 cver registered to India; Laukhaung D3 on 1930 cover registered to Rangoon; Ledaunggan D3 on 1935 cover; Lemyethna KD2 on 1905 postcard to India, UP2 on 1906 cover from Rangoon; Letpadan D4 on 1910 cover, UP4 on 1925 cover from India; Lewe D2 on 1927 cover to India; Magwe HS5 on 1935 1a stationery envelope to India; Mandalay-Zegno UP7 on 1928 cover to Bristol; Mansi D4 on 1932 cover to London; Maymyo D5 on 1901 1/4a stationery card from India; Minhla D7 on 1924 cover to India; Moulmein KD32 on 1915 cover to Rangoon; Myaungyma UP3 on 1909 cover to Rangoon; Myohaung D2 on 1911 cover to India; Nyaunglebin D5 on 1913 1/4a stationery card to Rangoon; Othegon KD5 on 1931 cover to India; Pa-An D3 on 1920 cover from Pegu; Pegu UP13 on 1932 cover to India; Prome D25 on 1915 1/4a card to Hmawza; Pyawbe R2 on 1904 1/2a stationery cover to India; Pyu DY2 on 1911 1/4a stationery card from Rangoon; Rangoon-Ahlone KD5 on 1914 cover to the USA; Rangoon-Kandawglay DY2 on 1902 1/4a card from Rangoon; Rangoon-Suratee Bazar KD3 on 1909 1/2a stationery envelope; Rangoon-Minto Mansions KD4A on 1924 postcard to Mandalay; Sagaing D4 on 1904 cover to India; Taikgyi UP1 on 1934 1a stationery card to India; Shwenyaung D2 on 1907 cover registered to India; Thayetkon D3 on 1921 cover to India; Thongwa UP3 on 1928 cover from Rangoon; Thonze R12 on 1935 envelope to Rangoon; Wabalaukthauk D2 on 1931 1a stationery envelope to India; Yandoon DY3 on 1924 cover from India; Zaingganaing D2 on 1932 cover to India, etc., the items mentioned and many others are the only recorded covers, there are in addition many earliest and latest recorded dates, condition is mixed as usual but many are fine. A tremendous lot and the definitive collection of this fascinating area representing many years of research and would be practically impossible to duplicate