Lot 50003

British Empire General Collections and Lots
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Estimation: 12’000 – 15’000 GBP
Date de vente: Fri 30 Jun 2017 at 12:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Vente: June 2017 Great Britain Auction (GBP)
Catalogue: Great Britain & British Empire
Vendu pour GBP 24’000
1848-1986, BRITISH AFRICA collection in 6 Scott printed albums from Ascension to Zululand, a great deal of completion with complete sets, better Bechuanaland, Nyasaland with 1897-1900 £10 specimen, KEVII £10 specimen, BEA 1890 GB ovpt mint set, Vryburg Boer Occupation mint set (genuine?), KUT £75 specimen, Madagascar missionary stamps, Mauritius incl. Post Paid, Lapirot and Dardenne issues, Rhodesia 1892-93 with £5 and £10 which could be unused, Double Heads to £1, Admiral set to £1, an album of Sierra Leone, etc., worth a good look through, a desirable lot ideal for breaking down for retail