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Mauritius » 1848-59 Post Paid Issue » Early Impressions (SG 6-9)
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1848-59 Post Paid 1d vermilion, early impression, two singles paying inland rate of twopence on folded letter to Henry Adam in Port Louis, positions 6 and 1 on the plate, each tied by « 3 » numeral of Souillac in black, with despatch datestamp of Souillac MY 30 1854 on face, GPO arrival of next day alongside, boxed INLAND confirming rate,, varying margins from in to large, a nice franking of the early impression Note: Henry Adam was a member of the Mauritius Government Council. The famous Post Office 1d « Ball Envelope » ex Kanai is also addressed to him Expertise: Cert. BPA (1996) and signed Calves
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