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Fri 8 Dec 2017 at 11:00 (Europe/Zurich)
COLLECTIONS: 1860-1960, Exhibition collection presented on dozens of written-up pages, incl. early telegraph stationery with Dominion Telegraph Co. 1c card of 1880, Montreal Telegraph Co. various types of envelopes of the 1860s, Grand Trunk Telegraph Co. envelope c.1860 and later QV widow head photographic view cards, Great North Western Telegraph Co. incl. 1886 telegram form bearing 1c orange yellow, as well as frank stamps incl. scarce booklet of 1920 with four of five panes intact. Then an extensive study of the Canadian Pacific Co. from the 1890s through 1940s with further frank stamps and booklet material incl. 1889 exploded booklet with 1 complete and 2 partial panes, as well as diverse stationery, a similar range for the Canadian National Telegraph Co. as well as Anglo-American, Welland, Western Union, Commercial Cable, etc, from 19th century onwards. Many other better items noted too in the work-in-progress mass of material as well. A fascinating collection, please inspect