Lot 10609 – 190,430,537
Russia » Ship Mail » Collections, accumulations and literature
Prix réalisé
300 EUR
200 – 300 EUR
Date de vente
sam. 3 déc. 2016 at 10:00 (Europe/Zurich)
RUSSIAN NAVY: 3 sheets from Exhibit: 1904 Russia-Japanese War with Japanese viewcard depicting Russian transport ship SUNGARI sunk at Chemulpo, Korea, 8 February 1904.World War I viewcard from Hango, Finland, to Estonia, with violet free-frank cachet SUBMARINE « MAKREL » accompanied by unused viewcard of the submarine. 1916 viewcard of Kronshstadt to Finland with free-frank seal of ENGINEER COMPANY/CRUISER « AURORA ». The « Aurora » fired the shot to signal the start of the October revolution. Also 1916 stained viewcard of river Donets sent to Livonia by serving sailor handstamped violet straightline cachet translated as ‘WITH THE ACTIVE FLEET’ and 1904 postcard depicting wounded soldiers being rescued from crippled cruiser VARYAG in Korea by Italian Cruiser Elba (Est. € 200/300)

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