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1911 Printed trilingual envelope in Greek, Turkish and French addressed in Greek from the Aegean port of SALONICA to a monk at Mount Athos, franked Ottoman 1pi cancelled by large double-oval datestamp in violet of Russian ship translating: R.O.P.i.T. (RUSSIAN COMPANY FOR STEAM SHIPPING AND TRADE) STEAMSHIP KORNILOV 19 July 1911 Russian P.O. MOUNT ATHOS arrival backstamp dated the following day. Mount Athos (Greek « Holy Mountain ») located on the Aegean coast 130km SE of Salonica, sheltered an autonomous group of Christian monastic communities within the Ottoman Empire. After the Balkan war of 1912/13 both places were ceded to Greece. The « Kornilov » was one of the older vessels of the ROPiT fleet, a post-passenger ship of 2330 tons, built at Newcastle, England, in 1869. From her home port of Odessa she operated in the Levant and eastern Mediterranean. No other covers recorded.