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Russia » Ship Mail » Ship Mail in the Gulf of Finland
Estimation: 750 EUR
Date de vente: Sat 3 Dec 2016 at 10:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Vente: November 2016 Auction Series (EUR)
Catalogue: Russian Ship Mail in Europe, Levant and the F
Vendu pour EUR 600
1888 3k Postal stationery card from Pulkova (Astronomical Observatory of Russian Academy of Sciences) to Sweden, endorsed « per steamship v. Dobeln », cancelled by dateless circular « S’ PAROKHODOM’ IZ’ KRONSHTADTA » (By Steamship from Kronshtadt), with Kronshtadt transit cds, plus 2k on piece tied by complete « S’ KORABLEM’ IZ’ S. PETERBURGA » (by ship from St. Petersburg), ex Wortman & Liphschutz and origin of the illustration in BJRP 41 (1967) p.5 fig.6