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RIVER NORTHERN DVINA: 1900 Incoming opened-out cover from London franked QV 2 1/2d Jubilee addressed to village near Cherdyn, Perm, redirected to village in Ustsysolsk District (Vologda). Tansit marks include two different river mail boat services: STEAMSHIP NIZHNII-PERM (9) 27 May 1900 (rivers Volga/Kama) Cherdyn 3 June, Perm 6 June, Postal Wagon No. 219 (3) PERM-KOTLAS 6 June KOTLAS -ARKHANGELSK/1/IInd STEAMSHIP POSTAL BRANCH 8 June (River Northern Dvina), Ustsysolsk 12 June. This cover represents the earliest known date for Northern Dvina mail-boat service and only known example of circular Kotlas-Arkhangelsk IInd Steamship cancellation.