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Russia » Ship Mail » Ship Mail in the Arctic and Northern Russia- River Mail
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Catalogue: Russian Ship Mail in Europe, Levant and the F
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RIVER LENA: 1913 Viewcard of Steamship « SEVER » which operated along the River Lena from Yakutsk northwards to the Lena delta on the Laptev Sea (Arctic Ocean), serving settlements in the remote Siberian Arctic. Addressed to Gatchina, St Petersburg, Jan 19 1913. franked 3k, tied by violet cds: BULUN’ YAKUTSK / POSTAL OPERATIONS 20 1 13. A further impression added 2 days later. Gatchina arrival 20 4 13. Bulun was a settlement on the River Lena about 500 km within the Arctic Circle and 1200 km down river from Yakutsk. Mail was taken in and out by ship. The delivery time of three months reflects the transport difficulties during the Siberian winter.