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Russia » Ship Mail » Ship Mail to and from America
Estimation: 200 EUR
Date de vente: Sat 3 Dec 2016 at 10:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Vente: November 2016 Auction Series (EUR)
Catalogue: Russian Ship Mail in Europe, Levant and the F
Vendu pour EUR 1’200
1908-14 ATLANTIC MAIL-Carrier: 1908 cover addressed in Russian to Yasenki and 1914 postcard to Novocherkassk, both in Russia, franked with British stamps and sent from British ports Christchurch and Barrow in Furness respectively. Both placed on ships of RUSSIAN EAST ASIATIC STEAMSHIP CO. returning from the Atlantic run and both struck with violet circular cachets, one in Russian, the other in English, reading: RUSSIAN-AMERICAN LINE R.E.A.S. (RUSSIAN EAST ASIATIC STEAMSHIP) Co. Ltd. / LIBAU/NEW YORK/HALIFAX The Company’s Atlantic service was short-lived, being unable to meet the competition of Western European maritime powers.