7 lots
Lot 1067
1929 (Nov.) Zepellin Switzerland Flight, 20rp surcharged postal card DROPPED AT ST. GALLEN, with add’l 20rp and 35rp values tied at Balzers on 27 Oct….
Estimation: 600 EUR
Lot 1068
1931 (June 10) Zeppelin Vaduz-Lausanne Flight, card franked by 1Fr and cover franked by 2Fr special issues, each tied by red flight cachet (type I), Vaduz…
Estimation: 240 EUR
Lot 1069
1931 (October) Zeppelin 3rd South America Flight cover by Zeppelin to Buenos Aires, then sent on to ZINDER, FRENCH NIGER, 1.60Fr total franking tied at…
Estimation: 300 EUR
Lot 1070
1931 (Oct.) Zeppelin 3rd South America Flight, charming registered printed matter flown on the first voyage to allow such mail, 155rp total franking tied…
Estimation: 200 EUR
Lot 1071
1932 (June 28) Zeppelin Liechtenstein Flight, special Postal Museum envelope with 5 diff. Pictorials tied by blue pictorial cancels, Vaduz cds (28.VI.32)…
Estimation: 160 EUR
Lot 1072
1936 (May) Zeppelin « Hindenburg » 1st North America Flight, registered OFFICIAL MAIL franked by 1.50Fr total in Officials tied at Vaduz (5.V.36), red flight…
Estimation: 260 EUR
Lot 1073
1938 (Dec.) Zeppelin LZ130 (« Graf Zeppelin II ») Sudetenland Flight, 10rp postal card with added 10rp tied at Vaduz (Nov. 26), MIXED FRANKING with Germany…
Estimation: 400 EUR