4 lots
Lot 1115
1920 & 1921 boxed « POSTE PAR AVION » ovpt. sets (plus extra low values), each tied to large fragments of covers, Yv. PA 2 shows scarce narrow spacing between…
Estimation: 180 EUR
Lot 1116
1921 (19 April), 2P, 5P and 10P Surcharges (postage, not airs) tied by Alep cds to cover flown to Alexandrette, large bilingual cachets in rose and in…
Estimation: 80 EUR
Lot 1117
1921 Third Airs surcharge set plus extra 1P tied by Halep cds (18.10.21) to cover flown to Alexandrette (bs same day), bit soiled, scarce and fine
Estimation: 60 EUR
Lot 1118
1924 Bilingual Surcharges cplt, the 10Pi on 2Fr INVERTED, tied by Damas cds (19.-3.-25) to reg’d express cover to Cairo, endorsed to be flown via Baghdad…
Estimation: 100 EUR