5 lots
Lot 1104
1923 (9 Aug.) FFC from Göteborg to Paris franked by 1920 Surcharges plus 60ö in definitives, only 11 items flown and thus one of the rarest Swedish airmail…
Estimation: 4’000 EUR
Lot 1105
1932 (March) 1st South America Flight, ppc franked by strip of four 50ö coils plus 5ö coil, all tied by 18.3.32 Stockholm cds, carried by ferry boat and…
Estimation: 360 EUR
Lot 1106
1933 (Oct.) Zeppelin « Century of Progress » (Chicago) Flight, commercial cover with two 1Kr coils tied by Stockholm machine cancel, sent via Berlin (connecting…
Estimation: 300 EUR
Lot 1107
1934 (Dec.) Zeppelin Christmas Flight (and final one in 1934), reg’d cover to BOLIVIA (to Swedish Consul) from Blötberget, 1.85Kr total franking tied (4.12.1934),…
Estimation: 180 EUR
Lot 1108
1938 (Dec.) Zeppelin LZ130 (« Graf Zeppelin II ») Sudetenland Flight, pc with 1.20Kr franking incl. 50ö airmail coil pair, all tied at Halmstad (Nov. 30)…
Estimation: 200 EUR