3 lots
Lot 1087
1927 (28 Feb.) FFC, Horten to Harwich (England) via Norderney and Amsterdam, 130ö total franking tied by machine ds, typed flight endorsement, bs 7 March…
Estimation: 180 EUR
Lot 1088
1932 (October) Zeppelin 8th South America Flight, ppc with 220ö total franking tied at Drammen on Oct. 4, by train to Berlin (2 diff. 5.10.32 transitrs)…
Estimation: 220 EUR
Lot 1089
1936 (May) Zeppelin Hindenburg, 1st North America Flight, cover with 32ö franking tied by Moss Airport cds (May 4) with cachet (code d) and NY bs (May…
Estimation: 120 EUR