4 lots
Lot 1002
1929 Zeppelin Austria Flight, ppc (of the LZ127 in flight) with 10g tied at Wien on 2.V.29, two strikes alongside of the « on board » cds for the same day…
Estimation: 180 EUR
Lot 1003
1930 (May) Zeppelin South America Flight, ppc with 3S and 50g Birds tied at Wien Flugpost office (8.V.30), official and private 3-line cachets and label…
Estimation: 160 EUR
Lot 1004
1931 (29 August) Zeppelin 1st South America Flight, pc with 3.50S franking tied at Wien (27.VIII.31 cds), flown first to Berlin and with Berlin-F’hafen…
Estimation: 140 EUR
Lot 1005
1933 (Oct.) Zeppelin Chicago Flight, reg’d round trip ppc with 10.10S total franking (10g on back) tied at Vienna (Oct. 10), flown via Berlin (connecting…
Estimation: 320 EUR