Lot 30005 – 3m « Eretz Israel » essay, unrecorded design showing

3m "Eretz Israel" essay, unrecorded design showing
Lot 30005 – 3m « Eretz Israel » essay, unrecorded design showing
Israel » Israel 1948 « Doar Ivri » Artist’s Drawings
Prix réalisé
Bientôt publié
4’000 EUR
Date de vente
jeu. 13 juin 2013 at 15:00 (Europe/Zurich)
3m « Eretz Israel » essay, unrecorded design showing star of David plus olive branch, in block of four, original artist’s drawing by Otto Wallish for presentation sheet, with Hebrew, Arabic and English « Eretz Israel » in top and bottom panels, all done by hand incl. flag and view of village, in several colours on cream paper backed by thicker card, size 205 x 277mm, signed at bottom right margin, probably UNIQUE and a spectacular SUPERB showpiece, 2006 cert. Doron Waide
Réf catalogue: ED.7-I var.
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