Lot 4090 – United States

1859 Cover from San Francisco to Enniscorthy, Irel

1859 Cover from San Francisco to Enniscorthy, Ireland at the 24 cents Treaty rate by American Packet, carried by Inman line « Kangaroo » from New York to Liverpool, franked with three 1857 10c green (type III) tied by San Francisco / Jan 20 1859 / Cal cds, overpaying the 29c West Coast Trans-Atlantic rate by 1c, red exchange office « 3 » (3c due British), red PAID / LIVERPOOL / U.S.PACKET, bs of Dublin and Enniscorthy Carried on the British Inman line – an anomaly of a British vessel carrying US Contract Mail which arose after the Ocean, Havre and Collins Line contracts had expired and the US Postmaster General contracted individually with shipping lines. Cover slightly truncated at right upon opening, but very rare usage and route. Probably unique
Estimation 300 EUR
Date de vente Tue 9 Apr 2013 at 12:00:00 (Europe/Zurich)