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5’500 EUR
5’000 – 7’000 EUR
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Sat 22 Sep 2012 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)
1867-1971 An extensive specialised collection neatly mounted on album pages and housed in large green Scott album, showing attractive first issue group with proofs, printings, shades, multiples & cancels, second issue study of the various printings & positions, shades & cancels, plus some useful multiples, the balance of the regular issues appears complete with plate positions of the 1879 1c green on the very scarce rice paper, plus useful 1889 issue some ex Hahn, plus much additional specialities with overprint & surcharge errors, imperf. between pairs, plus a host of other major or minor varieties some unlisted & missing, double & inverted overprints, printed both sides, inverted centres, essays, useful cancels & some covers, postage dues noted, officials present and apparently all genuine with many ex Hahn, also a fine range of proofs, viewing is essential, a wonderful assembly, an excellent basis for study & expansion with many rarely offered items (1’000s items) (Est. € 5’000/7’000)
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