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CHEFOO: 1900 Decorative postcard (with gilt Chines

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CHEFOO: 1900 Decorative postcard (with gilt Chinese dragon and Imperial Eagle) to Denmark, written on board SS « Normania » while in Talien Bay, franked with ordinary Russia 1k and « KITAI » 3k, reverse with Port Arthur 12.11.00 cds (T&S type 2D), put on a ship crossing the Strait of Pohai with stamps tied on arrival by Chefoo 14.11.00 cds in violet (T&S type 2), sent via the Chinese P.O. at Chefoo and Shanghai, then via Hong Kong and finally Copenhagen, an attractive
烟台:1900年装饰明信片(附中国龙图及鹰)至丹麦,右下书写在大连湾时经 »Normania »,贴俄国票1戈比及俄国客邮3戈比,背销亚瑟湾圆戳(1900.11.12)(T&S2D型),上船後,再贴紫色烟台戳(1900.11.14)(T&S2型),後经烟台及上海汉英圆戳,及经香港,最後到哥本哈根,极俱吸引力的项目
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