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SHANGHAI: 1919 Cover to the USA with Russia Chinese surcharged 1c on 1k, 2c on 2k, 3c on 3k and 4c on 4k paying the foreign letter rate, tied by Shanghai 16.5.19 cds (T&S type 8C), a very fine and neat cover. NOTE: From the beginning the Russian P.O.s in China had accepted payment in Chinese currency at a rate of 1c for 1k. Russian money was also accepted. However, after the Revolution of 1917 there followed a heavy depreciation in the Rouble which led the Postal Administration to insist on payment in Chinese currency only, hence the surcharged set of stamps in Chinese cents and dollars.
上海:1919年,寄美國封,貼俄國客郵加蓋中國幣值票1分/1戈比,2分/2戈比,3分/3戈比及4分/4戈比,支付國際郵資,銷上海日戳(1919.5.16)(T&S8C型),上品。 備註:早期俄國在華客郵局接受中國幣值1分為1戈比,俄幣亦被接受,但是在1917年革命後,盧布嚴重貶值,郵政局仍堅持以中國幣值支付,是為這套加蓋郵票的由來。