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SHANGHAI: 1909 Cover addressed in Farsi, Russian a

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SHANGHAI: 1909 Cover addressed in Farsi, Russian and English registered to Bukhara (in modern day Uzbekistan), with « KITAI » 2k (3), 4k, 5k (3) and 7k (2) and 10k, paying six times the 7k internal rate plus reg’n fee, all tied by Shanghai 24.7.09 cds (T&S type 6B, Gregorian calendar), obverse with reg’n label in Cyrillic, small cover corner fault, a scarce rate and attractive multiple franking. Note: Type 6 cancels were only intended for use on mail to foreign countries.
上海:1909年,掛號封寄布哈拉(今烏茲別克)封,地址由法文,俄文及英文寫成,貼俄國客郵2戈比三枚,4戈比一枚,5戈比三枚及7戈比兩枚,10戈比一枚,為6倍內陸郵資及掛號費,全部銷上海日戳(1909.7.24)(T&S 6B型),另貼掛號標籤(Cyrillic字型),封角有損,為少見的郵資。
Estimation 300 – 400 EUR
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