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TIENTSIN: 1905 Cover sent registered to Germany fr

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TIENTSIN: 1905 Cover sent registered to Germany franked on the reverse with « KITAI » 20k tied by Tientsin 23.3.05 cds (Tchilinghirian type 5A), and franked on the obverse with War Charity 10k and 3k that were ignored by the P.O. as a philatelic embellishment, with the 10k tied only by the encircled « dotted R » hs, registered label adjacent, Troitskosavsk transit indicating that it was not sent by the Trans-Siberian railway via Manchuria (as it was closed during the Russo-Japanese War), very unusual. Note: The War Charity issue was not distributed to the P.O.s in China.
天津:1905年,挂号封寄德国,背贴俄国客邮20戈比销天津圆戳(1905.3.23)(Tchilinghirian 5A型),面贴战争慈善票10戈比及3戈比,两者没有邮戳作集邮之用,另10戈比销圆形虚线R戳,贴挂号标签,俄国恰克图中转戳,表示其没有经西伯利亚铁路寄送(此时日俄战争,铁路暂停),极少见
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