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URGA: 1880 Native cover from the « Dun-Fu Yu » correspondence sent from Urga to Peking, franked with vertical pair of 8k tied by Urga 28.VI.1880 Type 3A oval ds (rated RR by Hellrigl), some creasing, very rare, this being the earliest of only three recorded covers with this cancellation, signed Holcombe Note: Illustrated in « Stamps of the Russian Empire Used Abroad » p.314 by Tchilinghirian & Stephen Provenance: Ex Tolman and Lipschutz
库伦:1880年由库伦寄北京,销8分直双联票销库伦3A椭圆戳(1880.6.28),罕有的双挂号封,微折,十分罕有,存世只有三个封销这款戳,而此枚为最早期使用记录, 由Holcombe签署 备注:记录于Tchilinghirian 编撰的书中,第314页 源流: Tolman and Lipschutz