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HANKOW: 1906 China 1c postcard to the German Colony Tsingfan (Kiaochow), franked with « KITAI » 1c, 2c and 3c tied by Hankow 16.9.06 cds (T&S type 2A), sent to Shanghai where it was passed to the Chinese P.O. for onwards transmission, Tsingfan arrival, scarce destination
漢口:1906年,清二次片寄Tsingfan(膠州),貼俄國客郵1,2及3戈比票,銷漢口圓戳(1906.9.16)(T&S 2A),亦銷上海俄國客郵戳,Tsingfan(膠州)到達戳,少見的目的地