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Fri 20 Apr 2012 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)
SHANGHAI: 1916 Improvised envelope for photographs registered to Zurich with « KITAI » 5k and 7k paying the 2k printed matter rate plus 10k reg’n fee, tied by Shanghai 2.11.16 cds (unrecorded type with Cyrillic « c »), reg’d label in French (with misspelt « Poste »), with different censor mark on both sides applied at Petrograd, Zurich arrival, a very rare if not unique cancel on cover. Note: There is no previous record of serial « s » in any of the cancels used in the Russian P.O.s in China.
上海:1916年,简易封作图片挂号寄苏黎世,贴俄国客邮5及7戈比,销上海圆戳(1916.11.2)( Cyrillic »c »没有纪录),贴法文挂号卷标(拼错 »邮政 »),销不同的彼得格勒邮检戳,见销苏黎世到达戳,极罕有 备注:此上海戳并非之前纪录俄国客邮局的 »s »戳