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SHANGHAI: 1908 Cover registered to the German Legation in Bangkok, with « KITAI » 2c (3) and 3c (4) tied by Shanghai 28.1.08 cds (T&S type 6B, Gregorian calendar), with straw-coloured primitive registered label adjacent with reg’n number repeated by blue hs, Honk Kong registered and Bangkok bs, unusual destination and registration label apparently unique
上海:1908年挂号寄曼谷的德国使馆,贴俄国客邮2戈比三枚及3戈比四枚,销上海圆戳(1908.1.28)(T&S 6B,公历),稍黄褐色挂号标签及销蓝色挂号编号,亦见销香港及曼谷日戳,少见的目的地及挂号标签应为孤品