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3’000 EUR
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Fri 20 Apr 2012 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)
SHANGHAI: 1900 Cover sent registered to France with « KITAI » 1k (4), 2k (3), 3k, 5k (2), 7k and 10k, all tied by Shanghai 4.IIII.1900 (T&S type 1), paying triple 10k rate plus registration, with rare registration label in English adjacent reading « I(mperial). R(ussian). P(ost). O(ffice). / Shanghai, China, » with French paquebot ds struck on SS Tonkin, Marseille and Chauny bs, a highly attractive franking and rare registered cover
上海:1900年挂号封寄法国,贴俄国客邮票,包括四枚1戈比,三枚2戈比,一枚3戈比,两枚5戈比,一枚7戈比及10戈比,全部销上海圆戳(1900.4.4)(T&S 1型),为三倍邮资及挂号费,贴罕有的英文挂号标签 »IRPO.Shanghai,China »,另销法国轮船戳於东京,马赛及法国绍尼,俱吸引力的高邮资封及罕有的挂号封