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SHANGHAI: 1898 Cover registered to Revel with Arms 7k and 14k tied by single circle Shanghai provisional cancel in violet, with further strike on reverse with ms date 29.1.96 (the year plug was unchangeable, not recorded by T&S), boxed registration hs adjacent, sent overland (and not by SS Laos as annotated) with St. Petersburg and arrival bs, vertical fold clear of stamps. One of only two known examples of this cancel used « posthumously » in 1898, the registered cachet being unique Note: The Shanghai Office was opened in 1896 and for a short time used this locally improvised canceller. See the British Journal of Russian Philately no.71 (1991) p.12-15 for more information.
上海:1898年挂号封寄Revel,贴俄国票7戈比及14戈比,销紫色上海单圈临时戳,封背手写1896.1.29(Tchilinghirian没有纪录),销挂号戳,经陆路寄送,见销圣彼得堡及到达戳 存世只有两个纪录于1898年使用 »posthumously »戳,罕有,此为其中之一 备注:上海邮政局于1896年成立,只有短时间使用这种本地简易邮戳,请参考英国邮刊之俄国特刊1991年第71期页2-15