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KALGAN: 1918 Cover sent registered to the USA with War Charity 3k and Russia Chinese surcharged 1c on 1k, 2c on 2k, 3c on 3k, 4c on 4k and 10c on 10k, all tied by Kalgan 31.5.18 cds (T&S type 5, Casey type 6), with reg’d label in English adjacent, Japan transit, twice opened and resealed by censors, Jersey City arrival, a very rare franking. Note: An exception of the Russian P.O.s in China, Kalgan was placed on the same footing as Mongolia and stocked with ordinary Russian stamps until 1917, when it fell into line with the other offices in China proper and was supplied with stamps surcharged in Chinese currency.
张家口:1918年挂号封寄美国,贴战争慈善3戈比及俄国1分/1戈比,2分/2戈比,3分/3戈比,4分/4戈比,10分/10戈比,全部销张家口俄国客邮戳(1918.5.31)(T&S 5型,Casey 6型),另贴英文挂号标签,日本中转戳,被邮检员打开及封回,亦见销新泽西到达戳,极罕有 备注:此为特别的俄国客邮,张家口及蒙古一样,只存放俄国票至1917年,后期与其它办事处一样出供应加盖中国币值的客邮