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KALGAN: 1916 Cover registered to the USA with War Charity 7k and 10k and Romanov 3k, tied by Kalgan 22.7.16 cds (T&S type 5, Casey type 6), opened and resealed by censor at Irkutsk with red circular cachet, reg’d label in English, New York and Jersey City bs, minor soiling, a scarce franking. Note: Illustrated BJRP 94/95, p.18
张家口:1916年挂号封寄美国,贴战争慈善7及10戈比及罗曼诺夫3戈比,销张家口圆戳(1916.7.22)(T&S 5型, Casey 6型),经伊尔库茨克邮检打开及封好,销红色圆戳,另贴英文挂号标签,亦见销纽约及新泽西日戳,微污,少见 备注:记载于英国邮刊俄国特刊94/94第18页