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PEKING: 1907 Postcard to Germany with China 1c vert. pair and 2c Dragons tied by native Peking cds, further franked with « KITAI » 3k (underpaid by 1k) tied by Peking 18.7.07 cds (T&S type 7B), Wiesbaden arrival, a fine philatelic souvenir from a member of the German « Boxer » occupying force. Note: China stamps were only valid for internal use
北京:1907年,明信片寄德国,贴蟠龙1分双联及2分,销北京圆戳,混贴俄国客邮3戈比(少付1戈比),销北京戳(1907.7.18)(T&S7B),及销威斯巴登到达戳,为法国义和团占领军成员寄出的邮品 备注:中国邮票只能在内陆使用