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PEKING: 1899 5k Postal stationery envelope registered to St. Petersburg, uprated with « KITAI » 7k and 10k, tied by Peking 15.11.99 cds (T&S type 4) with primitive boxed registration cachet adjacent with « PEKING » and ms number, this cachet preceded the registration labels, one of three examples known
北京:1899年,5戈比挂号邮资封寄圣彼得堡,另贴俄国客邮7及10戈比,销北京圆戳(1899.11.15)(T&S4型),亦见销长方形挂号戳,另销 »PEKING »及手写挂号编号,此纪念戳附挂号标签为已知三个纪录之一