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Fri 20 Apr 2012 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)
TIENTSIN: 1917 Prisoner of War printed envelope sent insured for 500R to civilian interned at Talitskii Zavod (Perm), franked on the reverse with « KITAI » 1k pair, 10k and 15k plus Chinese surcharged 3c on 3k and 15c on 15k (2), all tied by Tientsin 26.6.17 cds (T&S type 6), sent via the Japanese P.O.s at Tientsin and Changchun, with insured label on obverse, wax seals on reverse, opened for display, attractive
天津:1917年寄俘虏封,含500卢布保险费至Talitskii Zavod(彼尔姆)实习文员,贴俄国客邮1戈比双联,10及15戈比,3分加盖3戈比及15分加盖15戈比两枚,全部销天津圆戳(1917.6.26)(T&S6型),亦销天津及长春日本客邮戳,贴保险标签,销封蜡,剪开作展示之用,俱吸引力