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TIENTSIN: 1916 « KITAI » 3k(+3k) reply paid letter card printed for use by an Agency in Tientsin for the relief of German and Austro-Hungarian P.O.W.s in Russia, sent to an Agency official acknowledging receipt of 15R by a P.O.W. at Nikolsk-Ussuriysky, postmarked Vladivostok 15.4.16 then again one month later after censor check with boxed censor hs applied, cancelled on arrival by Tientsin 2.6.16 cds (T&S type 7A).
天津:1916年俄国客邮3戈比及已付3戈比的邮简,由天津的拯救位于俄罗斯的德籍及奥匈俘虏营机构,附 Nikolsk-Ussuriysky支付15卢布收条,见销海参威邮戳(1916.4.15),及销长方形邮检戳,及销天津到达戳(1916.6.2)(T&S 7A型)