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TIENTSIN: 1915 Cover from the Commandant of the French Occupation Corps in China to France, franked on the reverse with two Romanov 4k and « KITAI » 3k, tied by Tientsin 6.11.15 cds (T&S type 6), opened and resealed by censor in Petrograd, Vincennes arrival, an exceptional use of the Romanov issue
天津:1915年寄法国封,由法国占领军指挥官寄出,贴两枚罗曼诺夫戈比及俄国客邮3戈比,销天津圆戳(1915.11.6)(T&S 6型),被彼得格勒邮检打开及封好,销塞纳-马恩省到达戳,为出色的罗曼诺夫使用纪录