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TIENTSIN: 1912 Experimental letter card with detachable envelope inside for reply, sent registered to Germany with « KITAI » 1k, 2k (6) and 7k, all tied by Tientsin 30.11.12 cds (Tchilinghirian type 5C) with bilingual registered label adjacent, very rare as this experimental stationery was not issued to the public, though a few Postmasters’ samples found their way into the post, possibly unique usage from a post office abroad Note: Illustrated « The Postrider » 22 (1988) p.5
天津:1912年试验邮简附可拆信封作回邮之用,挂号寄至德国,贴俄国客邮1戈比,六枚2戈比及7戈比票,全销天津圆戳(1912.11.30)(Tchilinghirian5C),贴汉英挂号标签,十分罕有,这种试验邮简并未公开发行,即使少部份邮政局长能取得此邮品,但相信此项目应为寄海外的孤品 备注:记载于 »The Postrider »1988年第22期,页5