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Fri 20 Apr 2012 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)
QUASI OFFICIAL MERCHANTS’ POST: Incoming 1871 Russian 10k postal stationery envelope from a convent in Orel to a member of the Ecclestiastical Mission at Peking, taken by rail to Nizhnii-Novgrod via Moscow, thence by road to the Mongolian border via Irkutsk (Siberia), transferred to the Merchants’ Post at Kyakhta for conveyance by camel and donkey to Peking, with several transit bs, oval tax hs from Kyakhta for 30k Merchants’ Post rate plus 50% surcharge for underpaid (rated RRR by Hellrigl, possibly unique) Note: Described and illustrated in BJRP 94/95 (2006) p.45-46
半官方商人邮政:1871年10戈比进口邮资封由奥勒尔修道院寄北京传教士协会成员,由铁路经莫斯科到 Nizhnii-Novgrod,然后由陆路经伊尔库茨克到蒙古边境,转交恰克图商人邮政经骆驼及馿子运送到北京,销多种中转戳,恰克图椭图税戳收取30戈比商人邮政费用及50%欠资附加费(Hellrigl三个R,可能为孤品) 备注:记载于英国杂志俄国邮刊2006年第94/95期,第45-46页