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QUASI OFFICIAL MERCHANTS POST: 1871 Cover from Tientsin to Germany, taken to Peking for dispatch by Merchants post as the Russian P.O. was not operating from Tienstin at that time, sent via Kyakhta and Moscow before arriving in Rossleben, originally franked on the reverse with four pen cancelled stamps paying the 30k Merchants rate and 14k from Russia to Germany, before the stamps were removed in transit between Russia and the German border, noted by German inspector who applied « FRANCO » cds with ms « f 2 » on front, with ms « China » and arrival cds over traces of stamps on reverse, very fine, also including 1858 perf. 12 1/2 30k with ms « 27 July / 1867 / Pekin » cancel. The earliest known mail from the Russian Post in China and one of the two known cover from the Merchants Post Note: Described and illustrated in BJRP 94/95 (2006) p.47
半官方商会邮政:1897年天津寄德国封,当时俄国客邮未在天津设立,故转寄至北京,经恰克图及莫斯科,最后到达罗斯莱本,背贴30分邮资,划销四枚票及14分俄国寄德国邮资。经俄国和德国边境之前,邮票尚未脱落,德国邮检员销 »FRANCO »戳及 »F2″戳于面,及销到达戳,包括1858年,12度半30分邮票销北京1867年6月27日戳